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Default Where did I say two first rounders ?

Originally Posted by TerpEagle View Post
This isn't Madden. You don't start by asking for 2 1st rounders and their best player and then just adjust until they finally agree.

The Eagles likely had an expected value and maybe they just got lucky (or did their research) and found a partner that had that value and would want McCoy.

But what sort of value do you think McCoy is worth? And why do you think that? Most of what I read is that a RB at the age of 26 doesn't have a lot of future value and it is one of the most easily replaceable spots on the roster. Combine that with the RB in question being the second most expensive in the NFL.

So again, what's his value to you? And don't give me the "fan value". More than anything, fans want to win regardless of a long-time Eagle being on the roster or not.
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