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Originally Posted by art vandelay View Post
I see no comparison between this Raptors team and the 01 Sixers. This Raptors team has multiple ELITE defensive players. They also fit together well. 7 guys are contributing. They would be a playoff team without Kawhi. It's surprising that they're up 3-1, but they're by no means a "shitty" team.

I don't know much about the Hawks team that won 60 games, but I think that if you add the best player in basketball to most teams in limbo, they instantly become championship contenders. The best player in basketball last year took a team that actually was shitty to the finals.

Multiple elite defenders... But see no comparison... Right. Mutombo... McKie even lynch and Tyrone hill. I guess those guys were just scorers. They would be a playoff team. Is that like a standard now? Is it 50 win regular season trophies or playoff appearance rings that matter?

I completely agree with your second paragraph.
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