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Originally Posted by McCarthy12 View Post
I think this is right. Certainly didn't hurt them roster-wise. He was a huge factor in the Houston win. That was worth the roster spot itself.

I do think it says more about the other running backs, though. This offense would be fantastic with a guy who could reliably get you 4 yards on 1st down. Kinda like last year.
Yeah, these are the worst Eagles RBs since 2000. RBs are generally replaceable but 2018 was a rare case where RB should have been a priority over WR at the deadline. Howie probably did prioritize RB, but ultimately it would have been ridiculous to give what Buffalo wanted for McCoy and outbidding other teams for the likes of Carlos Hyde wasn't worth it either.

I'd imagine the RBs next year will be Clement, Smallwood, and Adams plus a relatively early draft pick, but none of the current guys are guaranteed a roster spot. I think Smallwood might actually be better than Clement as an RB but they seem to like what Clement brings to STs.
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