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Originally Posted by Melchior View Post
But why does it seem like people have no recollection of his bad games? Wentz has never had a game as bad as Foles vs. Dallas, for instance. He was absolutely putrid in that shutout a couple years back.

Foles has also been injured multiple times, has limited athleticism, has a weaker arm, slower release, worse pocket presence/movement and less mobility than Wentz.

I get recency bias and all, but this shit is getting out of hand.

Foles has been injured, but he has also taken some vicious hits and returned to the game, he's pretty damn durable, has limited athleticism, yeah, sort of but compared to who, Russel Wilson, absolutely, Tom Brady, eh bout the same.

Weaker arm, yeah, but he is as someone on here put it, The Mad Bomber! Worse pocket presence, I don't think so, yes he moves slower than Wentz, but damn, the guy ALWAYS seems to find the best pass option available, that has been proven time and time again, his 3rd down completion stats are off the charts.

I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts, always hoping there is a way they are both here next year!

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