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Originally Posted by Greenstealth View Post
Gs won titles without kd. Toronto got swept out of the second round last year. That's tough to comprehend.
GS won 1 title and it took them 6 games with LeBron and Dellavedova as the 2nd best player and Kyrie and Love were both hurt. Next year, they lost to Lebron in 7 after being up 3-1, then you add KD and sure you win back to back KD is the best player in the NBA. Without KD GS barely won 1 chip. Sure add a top 3 player to any team and they become a legit contender. If Kawhi was on the 6ers they would have won hands down in this situation but as I said before noone in the NBA was beating GS at full health no one doesn't matter who was playing them!

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