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Default West Virgina Water-Carrier Pens article extolling virtues of Agents


3. State income taxes.

Letís assume the Lions (who were very interested in Sherman) would have given Sherman the same deal the 49ers did, with a base package of $7 million for 2018, $2 million in per-game roster bonuses, $1 million in playing-time incentives, and a $3 million incentive tied to making it to the Pro Bowl (which actually could be the All-Pro team). Michigan has a tax rate of 4.25 percent. If Sherman had unlocked all incentives, he would have paid $552,500 in Michigan taxes. In California, where the tax rate for the highest earners is 13.3 percent, heíll pay $1.729 million.

Thatís a difference of $1.117 million. A good agent would have pointed that out to Sherman. Itís unknown whether anyone did. Itís unlikely that the 49ers did.
NBC pays this hack to write this stuff?
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common wealth
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I mean if Sherman doesn't play great very little is guaranteed, if he plays great and hits the incentives he is locked in at below market value. Hack or not, the point that Sherman would have been much better off with an agent is probably valid.
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