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Default Willing to give players/coaches the benefit of the doubt...

The impact of the Fultz circus can not be understated. That was a complete mess and I imagine everyone who has any part in game day (players/coaches) was impacted.

Elton tried to incorporate new pieces that had the desire to win now which he hoped would carry the immature and affected core through but it was just too difficult. They ARE young and their limited time in the league has been fraught with distraction.

I liked how Brett responded. I don't think last night was on him and I was impressed he brought the team together after Game 1 and Game 5. I think he is less of the problem and they do need him right now to keep everything together.

Retaining Butler is a must. He may be enough of a star to complete the Process. He's awesome.
Charismatic megafauna.

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Agree wholeheartedly about Butler. I love his warrior mentality at crunch time. He BELONGS here.
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I think BB stinks, but I just donít see any realistic alternatives.
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