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The thought of losing to Andy Reid is making me livid

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  • The thought of losing to Andy Reid is making me livid

    Like "I wanna throw a glass through my TV" irate.

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    You really didn't think they were going to win this did you? KC is actually a good team. 6 pro bowlers. Chiefs are one of the better teams on the schedule. The fact that they only won 2 last year indicts Romeo as one of the worst coaches in NFL history.

    Eagles will win around 6 games this year. Pretty much all of those wins will come after Halloween. Next year they can improve the D and maybe reach .500. The team won't be competitive until 2015. Patience is hard but if you don't have it, the team will frustrate the hell out of you for the next 30 games.

    If they still suck like this 32 games from now, then Kelly needs to go. But to be fair to the guy we have to give him some slack for two seasons. These players blow chunks.
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      I did. Also, Eagles were a 3 point favorite. Not like I am talking about beating the fucking broncos on the road here.


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        The worst part of the frustration is knowing it will be years til this team can contend. And of course the frustration of knowing that to a large extent the this team should have already won a Super Bowl in years past. Ironically due to the failure of the FF in Red who just kicked our asses and the ex jock loser with the sagging pants gut at halftime with his number hanging in the rafters.
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