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Xenophobe's Guide to Olympics: Basketball

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  • Xenophobe's Guide to Olympics: Basketball

    As a service to Kelly Green, the bored's foremost xenophobe, as well as his sycophants, I will be offering my analysis of the Rio Games in my areas of self-perceived competence. That would be track and field (which I am still studying), a little bit of swimming and perhaps boxing, some rowing, a little volleyball and today, hoops.

    Men: This could be a xenophobe's worst nightmare as the USA squad is not stacked with NBA superstars this time around and there are some pesky teams in their group for pool play and Group B has a number of teams capable of pulling the upset.

    In the USA's Group A France with an aging Tony Parker could prove tough, as could Australia with Andrew Bogut as well as Serbia.

    Xenophobes have their excuses all ready to go with Bron Bron, Curry, Harden, Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook among other
    NBA no-shows. Some good sub-plots though with the USA gazillionaires chartering their own ocean liner to avoid the Zika virus, Kevin Durant joining his new Golden State teammates Thompson and Green on-court for the first time; and can Kyrie Irving's star stay on the ascent since a great Finals performance...

    Take heart Xenophobes, USA, even depleted is the most talented team in the tournament, by far. Beware of whatever team comes out of Group B. I will be watching to see how the Sixers' Dario Saric fares with Croatia; Lithuania is always a threat (Sabonis and the Raptors center whose name I couldn't spell even if I could remember it) and Argentina which always finds a way to be competitive in any international competition. Span, the traditional powerhouse and USA nemesis might not make it out of the group this time one Gasol is hurt and the other is shot, and Serge Ibakis is out as well.

    PREDICTION: USA wil blitz through Group A and choke the chicken against Lithuania in a hard-fought final.

    Women: None of the teams deserve to play on the same court with the Xenophobe Cream Dream Team USA. Unfortunately Kelly Green might be a bigger sexist than he is a xenophobe, believing women tennis pros should be paid less than men. So he wont appreciate the predicted domination of Sue Bird, Della Donne, Catchings, et al.

    Prediction: USA strikes gold with zero resistance.
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    Yes, Span had be a real pan in the ass.
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      Span AKA

      IE's team.

      He is no xenophobe
      Officially awaiting Douchebagnacht II since
      May 7, 2010