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    Random thought of the day:
    The games without Jackson have been sad affairs. I realize that no one on this team can take the top off like Jackson, but just to put a little fear in a defense that doesn't respect you over the top start sending 1 receiver down field - balls out.

    Do it for a quarter, see if anything shakes out.
    First down: send Agholor from the slot.
    second down: spell Agholor, send Hollins.
    third down: spell Hollins and send Whiteside.

    Rinse and repeat. Every damn play. The CB will be drained shortly. The safety will have to atleast acknowledge the streaker. Maybe things open up. Maybe they don't. But atleast you did something beyond conceding the long ball to the defense. Cause whatever they are doing now isn't working.

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    How is he out this long without surgery, if this was a sports hernia and he had surgery after week 2 that Monday he could have been back now, so unless it's not that tell us and what is it, this is turning out to be a waste of money.


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      He’s going to end up coming back for the Buffalo game. He’ll get hurt and will then get surgery. That’s my prediction.