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    & the Eagles are two different sports. Shows you how important a secondary is. Enough of the bullshit pass rush excuse. When you can cover effectively in cover 0 or cover 1 b/c your DB's are capable it doesn't matter how effective your pass rushers are. It's hard as shit to get to the QB with only four guys. Pats are able to effectively rush the passer by rushing 5,6,7 guys and then hold up on the back end. More rushers you have, the more 1v1 matchups you get with your actual effective pass rushers. This team can't do any of that because of the absolute putrid talent at the DB position. Also the safeties suck ass too. That's another group that hasn't been talked about enough.

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    Think Jenkins has big incentive to play extra hard for a team that wouldn't pay him?
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      I just find it comical that NE DBs have better hands and pass catching abilities than our WR group


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        I think that was more about not respecting Darnold. I don't think they always blitz like that. But yeah their 5,6,7 would like 3,4,5 here. Maybe 2,3,4