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You gotta see this effort by Nelly

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  • You gotta see this effort by Nelly

    Tell me this team hasn't given up. Wow
    The Eagles looked like a team lacking passion Sunday night when they were smacked in the mouth by the Cowboys in Dallas, and one play epitomized the entire night. Looking to make their way back into the game with a push late, Carson Wentz stepped into a deep ball intended for WR Nelson Agholor, who …

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    I don't think they've given up but the perceived lack of passion is alarming. The Pederson regime has been hot and cold, year 1 they came out inspired but by mid to late season seemed like Doug had lost the locker room - they did finish strong though. Year 2 I hate to think about what happens if Elliot doesn't hit that 62 yard FG...that game/play carried over and they played confident the rest of the year en route to a Lombardi. Last year just did not feel right - inconsistent and at times didn't seem like "hungry dogs" - by the end of the year and playoffs guys would run through a brick wall for Doug.

    I am hoping losing breeds anger and passion in the team and they turn it around.


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      I'm just not sure this team believes in something. It starts at the coaching level from guaranteeing wins to game planing to Schwartz sucking to Groh not being any good.
      They just seem to come out uninspired, disinterested and definitely not unified as a team.