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Not As Memorable As DJacc But...

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  • Not As Memorable As DJacc But...

    The Eagles beat the Giants AGAIN thanks to punting. If Wing doesn’t shank the shit out of that last punt, who knows if Elliott even gets to attempt a FG.

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    The thought crossed my mind

    When I saw the Vaggies lining up to punt with what, 19 seconds left? I had flashbacks to Matt Dodge lining up with 14 on the clock. Fuck a Vagiant.
    "You on the other hand, describe your shit so many times and revel in how glorious or strange it looks that there is absolutely no doubt you most definitely DO have a shit fetish." - Kelly Green

    Jim Lahey is a drunk bastard.


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      didn't realize it was only a 28 yard punt. it's funny, after that play i told my gf that he had to kick it out of bounds to avoid a return a la 2010. looked like he had succeeded at forcing us into a hail mary.