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The idea that the schedule got easier

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  • The idea that the schedule got easier

    has an element that I was reminded of yesterday that makes it harder to win if you're not focused on the game like a hungry dog.

    Shitty teams at the end of the year don't play according to Hoyle (so to speak).

    They go for it on 4th and 4 in field position where contenders punt ... and run trick shit on chip shot FG's etc etc.

    So if you have a "successful" series ... they can fuck you by not doing what they are "supposed to do" in that situation.

    They play it loose because they have nothing to lose ... playing football like those 20-something internet poker players who piss off professionals like Phil Helmuth or Daniel Negreanu at the World Series of Poker because they don't react to bets like they should ... and then luck out on a long shot river card when they should have folded.
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    Exactly this, and it will be the case in 3 of the next 4 games. On one hand it sucks to play against loose and "gutsy" - but good teams should find a way to make them pay. Stop the 4th and 4 near midfield instead of giving up a TD or stop the trick play so that people laugh at Miami and say "wtf was that" instead of seeing it as the top play of the day.


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      Another reason to never abandon the run with a double digit lead. Keep the ball away from the opposing offense that has nothing to lose.
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