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Wentz. Is. Broken.

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  • Wentz. Is. Broken.

    This entire season has been a shit show. Wentz of 2017 is now a mythological figure. He is terrified of everything. Won't run, won't throw it deep, doesn't see the field.

    Wentz contract is completely a vote of confidence that will haunt us fans. Wentz has none. It's been on display all night/season. He's sacrificing the team for the chance he might play in the postseason. McCown moved the chains more in 3 plays then Wentz did the entire game before or after.

    The contract to Jeffery was thanking him for the ring. It's a complete burden now. His contract, combined with captain confidence, puts us in Limbo for 5 years.

    Bitch about Swartz all you want, but this shit show is on howie. He overpaid for mediocre and old. And Gomer doesn't have the balls to shut down a 100 mill mistake for a chance.

    A buddy gave me shit asking for Suds when he was still on IR weeks ago. I said it wasn't a mistake. I'd rather a physically broken QB then our current headcase.

    Wentz could still win this game but I doubt it.

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    We gotta hope this is just a lost season. He’s out there today with rookie and practice squad wrs, rookie and p squad rbs, backup RT. He has lost confidence.

    better get his shit together this offseason and Howie better find him some talent to throw to.


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      Dude, Wentz needs to be better, but he has 2 WRs. Ive never even seen a team down to 2 WRs before, let alone both rookies. The best RT in football is out. Jordan Howard is like the team’s 5th most important injury right now.

      Wentz’s mistakes aren’t acceptable, but I don’t think any QB will look good under these circumstances.


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        Can't catch the ball 3 yards behind you, in the dirt, or if your name doesn't contain the letters z,t,r,e.

        Defense kept them in games for weeks, just 1 score off - Wentz couldn't produce.