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    Print this out and “cross reference” with Kiper’s rankings.

    take in a couple of highlighters and a black ink pen. Rest should be self explanatory.

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    In light of MyCock getting hired, jury however is still out on the job he is doing, would it make sense to hire a guy like Kipper? Howie is weak on talent evaluation it seems.
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      Mycock absolutely nailed his first draft in Oakland. And that’s not even counting the DB Abrams who was out all year.

      kiper wouldn’t leave his gig for a GM job. Likely would take a pay cut and he has total job security doing what he does.


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        If Howie took Ferrell @ 4 people would be calling for his head.


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          They should hire Greg Cosell. Already works with them on their film breakdown videos/podcasts on their website. Maybe he could keep his NFL Films gig while working as a "consultant."
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