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    In soccer, when teams get caught cheating like this, they get automatically relegated or they get a points deduction which, if severe enough, practically ensures relegation.

    There’s no relegation in Major League Baseball, but what about this? The Astros will be deemed to start 40 games back to begin the 2020 season both for division and wild card purposes. They will thus have to make up forty games in the standings in order to either win their division or finish ahead of who would have been the second wild card team. In 2021 it ratchets down to a 30 game penalty, in 2022 20 games, in 2023 10 games, and none after 2023.

    And the owners should fire Manfred.


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      And with this, the Astros have officially jumped the shark:


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        Originally posted by RSE View Post
        And with this, the Astros have officially jumped the shark:
        I actually thought about you when I heard that last night lol.

        I love your idea. You can never take away the joy the Astros and their fans experienced due to their cheat. You can never take away the pain that the Dodgers, Yankees and their fans experienced while being cheated. So you have to cripple them going forward. For a year, two years, whatever. But make it such that nobody is going to want to pay to watch them play for at least a year.
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          I hate the Nationals (I kinda had a soft spot for the Expos) but I think MLB is fortunate they pulled it out in the WS last year.
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            WTF is up with this Altuve alleged niece thing.
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