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My Favorite Harold Carmichael Memory

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  • My Favorite Harold Carmichael Memory

    Went to the Eagles-Bears game in Chicago in 2004. The night before the game, Eagles fans took over Harry Caray's Restaurant and Bar. It was a madhouse.

    Around 7:00, somebody spotted Harold Carmichael on the sidewalk, and he enters to high-fives and chants of HAR-OLD CAR-MICHAEL (CLAP, CLAP, CLAPCLAPCLAP).

    Later, some guy came in wearing a Bears shirt. He was met with a chorus of boos, punctuated by someone shouting "Go back to Chicago!"

    That game was also notable as the day I met MT Iggle, albeit briefly. We'd actually tried to buy the exact same tickets from two different legal scalping sites. Ahh, those were the days.