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    I was one of the few who believed the Sixers giving up on Fultz was a huge mistake and would come back to bite them in the ass. First, they got taken advantage of when they made the deal the Celtics to draft Fultz and then compounded the mistake by trading Fultz to Orlando for basically Matisse Thybulle. I'm happy for Fultz because he is beginning to prove wrong all of the people who called him a bust. I just wish he was doing it as a member of the Sixers. The front office of the Sixers has to be the most inept in the entire NBA and you can throw the entire medical staff with them along with Brett Brown. I would have rather had Fultz starting at PG for the Sixers with Ben Simmons starting as the team's PF. When I think of the tanking and the horrendous seasons we endured during "the process" and how the team pissed away all of the assets they could have had as a result it makes me sick to my stomach. After all we endured, we have only a PG who refuses to take a 3 point shot and a C who is immature, plays away from the basket far too much, takes far too many 3 point shots and is often injured to show for it.

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    So nice, you had to post this thread twice, eh?


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      Did either of you Fultz ITYS bozos happen to catch Jayson Tatum's performance last night?


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        I didn't see the game but I read all about it this morning. It's another example of the ineptitude of the Sixers front office. I'm convinced Danny Ainge was planning to draft Jayson Tatum over Fultz and when the Sixers offered to switch drafting order and include an additional first round pick he had to have been laughing his ass off.