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Bring back this helmet/jersey combo for 1 game per year

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  • Bring back this helmet/jersey combo for 1 game per year

    Some quality football in these 2 videos.

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    just don't bring back that secondary


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      I think Lurie is pushing for that at the owners meetings this year. Really hope it passes.
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        This is the time that I became an Eagles. I even had a white helmet and green jersey as a kid. I would love to see that combo one time!

        This “one helmet for the entire year” rule has no merit . It’s just a concocted rule to show effort on behalf of the owners to present against future lawsuits, IMO.

        Anyway. I hope it happens one day. I also hope they’ve play the same music when showing reruns.


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          Those are my favorite Eagle uniforms!
          Unfortunately they relate to the McCormick area when .500 was a monumental achievement.
          But YES bring them back if possible!
          Well at least I don't wear the same sport coat every week like you and Bruno.

          Jesse "The Body" Ventura


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            They were kick ass in 1971 and with today’s creativity you know they’d be incredible in 2020.

            colleges have gotten a little over the skis with all these alternate uniforms, but the NFL should really consider allowing teams to wear a couple old school versions per season. Maybe one home and one away and make sure your opponent also goes old school the same game.

            They’d sell the shit out of these things on top of it.
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