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Jesus how bad were our star FA's

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  • Jesus how bad were our star FA's

    How bad were they, really bad!!!

    We resigned 2 of the bums Mills and McLeod since no one else were going to pay em. Peters is not getting a big pay pay.

    No one sniffing Aggs, Darby, Bradham, Jernigen, Curry - all overpaid and underproduded.

    All the guys that left were JAGs except for Howard would have liked him back.

    ​​​​​​​VAITAII got way overpaid yikes.

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    I’d like to see Timmy back in a reserve role


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      The Eagles were the third oldest team in the NFL last year. They needed to let them all go. That's why the draft is key to a team's success and free agency is overrated. For the record, Atlanta and New England were the only teams older than the Eagles and so far 11 of their players signed elsewhere.

      As usual, New England will end up with 4 compensation picks. If Howie can stay out of free agency, he's on pace for a 6th and 7th rounder at the very least. In 2017, the NFL allowed teams the ability to trade these picks. That helps if you want to get a Darius Slay. In May, all teams are able to sign any remaining free agents and it will not impact their compensation picks. I truly believe this is the correct way to build a team. Right now, I don't see any player out their that is a 'must have'. I'm ok if Howie waits it out.

      Not sure how accurate this is but it's good visual for compensation picks.