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Sixers look as soft as they ever have

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  • Sixers look as soft as they ever have

    Ward is out of his mind, but this is the usual product.
    -Slizz of Wangnutz

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    They're a sixth place team. Time off wasn't going to fix this dumpster fire. At least Brown will be gone. Brand can kick rocks too.


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      I guess they didn't have time to get to the "what happens if Shake Milton stinks" portion of their new lineup strategy. Neto ain't gonna cut it in the playoffs. Hopefully Milton gets it together.

      Simmons was oddly poor on D.

      I'm not optimistic.
      "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay


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        At the end of the day, this team is really poorly coached. Embiid is being wasted. He literally grabbed a rebound, dribbled the ball down the court, and pulled up for three. That's what he has his center doing. Meanwhile, his starting 'shooting' guards scored a whopping four points. This team needs to find a shooter. Embiid is trying to do too much because he's surrounded with players either afraid to shoot or just can't shoot. This is why he breaks down every year. I'm confident Brown is gone after this season. If Brand can't find a sucker to take Horford, he needs to go, too. Embiid isn't getting any younger.