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I’m actively rooting for the Heat

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  • I’m actively rooting for the Heat

    Jimmy Butler is a baller y’all and everyone in Philly who actually watches and doesn’t look at metrics, analytics and other bullshit knew so. Guy puts the team on his back and he deserved more than to be sidelined so that we could watch Ben Simmons fuck around without a complete game, Embiid act like he’s won three rings, Fultz overcome his bullshit —can you imagine what he must’ve been thinking? And worse, he kept showing up ... to have landed that guy and squandered it is basically all you need to know about the Process, the Sixers FO, all of it.
    Charismatic megafauna.

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    They wanted Butler. Butler wanted to be the top star. I don’t hate the Sixers for him not being here, but I’m pulling for the Heat.
    -Slizz of Wangnutz