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Why is howie still the GM?

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  • Why is howie still the GM?

    The cocksucker is easily the most overrated GM in the league. Also easily a bottom 3 GM. Stepped in shit one year...thanks for the one year now fuck off. What a loser

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    Lurie is a meddler. He has the media in his pocket and they cover it for him but he is the problem. He wanted Carson to be the starter and Foles gone, wanted Groh gone against Doug's wishes, brought back his fat ass pal Peters and will never fire Howie.


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      The more i think about it, the more this question sticks home. We have guys that go down with injury and then have NO ONE to ably step in?~!? Last year not withstanding...Everywhere you hear the brilliance of Howie...I look at our recent drafts and say dumb ass


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        The injury thing is so frustrating. Do they evaluate players in a way that treats injury history/potential differently than other teams? Are they also cautious in recommending surgery. Why would Johnson wait until August to clean up his ankle?


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          On a positive note, he drafted our next Franchise QB a couple of months ago.