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  • 2017

    I'm more convinced now than ever if Wentz doesn't get injured against the Rams they don't win the Super Bowl. He's a Mental Midget. If they still managed to beat Atlanta, they probably get blown out in the Super Bowl. It was all Foles. Doug Pederson didn't help Wentz Sunday with the play calling but he was just as aggressive with Foles with that bum Vaitai at LT and rotating in and out Wisniewski and Foles got the job done.

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    I mentioned this in another thread, name a team in the entire NFL that had a worse offensive line, wide receiver core, and backfield this team rolled out last week? I honestly can't think of one. We're talking about 75% of the offense that I am asking if there's a team in the entire NFL that was worse. Let that sink in. That was an embarrassment. Wentz had a bad game but Howie is the biggest problem.


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      Wrong. Wentz and the Eagles were unstoppable that year. He is a mental midget because of that season. The injury, the super bowl, Foles, the statue, and now drafting Hurts. I have always been worried about how that injury would effect him long term. McNabb was never the same after his ACL either add to that how fucked in the head he must be from seeing Foles take his team to the promise land. I think he's too far gone to be great here again.


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        I don't know but my patience is wearing thin. Is their ever was football player that got the "yips" it's Carson. That said he will probably have 350 yds. passing 2tds and win this week.


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          Obscenity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker.


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            If they managed to beat Atlanta? They would have crushed Atlanta with Wentz. Foles was bad in that game. They would have beaten Minnesota regardless. All things being equal, I don't know if Wentz could have matched Foles's performance against NE, but that's mostly related to the way they caught lightning in a bottle for the NFCCG and the SB.

            Wentz was the reason they lost on Sunday, but there are some overreactions here.