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  • Confodential to Slag

    Caplan reporting Schwartz wanted LB Kenneth Murray in the 1st round and was screaming for S Chinn in the 2nd but was overruled by Howie who went with... Well we know.

    Now I ain't a fan of Schwartz as DC but looks like he is a better talent evaluator than Howie that's for sure. His picks would have been crazy good.

    Also hearing that Doug and Schwartz don't even decide who is active on GameDay but it is Howie who let's them know prior to the weekend. If this is true, Howie needs a scud missle up his ass and sent packing asap!

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    If Howlo is deciding on active players for gameday, this organization is in worse shape than I even imagined.

    That fuck up taking Hurts over Chinn is criminal.

    Chinn is a bonafide playmaker at linebacker and is already being touted as the defensive rookie of the year.

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      It would also explain the continual activation of JJAW on game day.
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