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    This dolt decides to tell Metcalf before the game '"I was in Detroit with Megatron, you're not there yet."

    Who does that right before a game?

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    according to the quote no one said it before the game.

    before game
    ""he was with Calvin in Detroit and he's the closest thing to Megatron he's seen”

    after game "you may not be Calvin yet, but you're on your way"

    There's plenty real stuff to complain about with this team, you don't have to reach.


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      No reach. DK Metcalf specifically stated Schwartz's comments motivated him before the game. Regardless of exactly what was said, don't give him any motivation.

      “One of the defensive coaches came up to me and he kind of made me mad that he was like ‘I was in Detroit with Megatron, but you’re not there yet,’” Metcalf said, later confirming the coach in question was Schwartz. “In my mind, I’m not trying to be Megatron. I’m trying to be me. So I had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game.”


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        It's a fake motivation. Metcalf is just ballin every game he plays. If Schwartz had said he's the best WR in the game right now, Metcalf would have taken offense about not being the best of all time. If Schwartz had said Metcalf is the league leader in receiving yards, Metcalf would have been offended too.