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    Originally posted by RSE View Post

    I happen to think he is redeemable. Howie is the biggest problem. If I ruled the world he’d be the first to go. And 2-3 weeks ago I called for Doug’s head, though I do think Wentz contributes to his coaching issues as much as he contributes to Wentz’s quarterbacking issues.

    if Wentz doesn’t improve this season then next summer he should made to earn his job. Hurts gets a shot. Is that fair?
    I clearly misunderstood you.

    My bad.

    The player is always culpable to some degree but I don't know really how much here because I am so underwhelmed with the coaching staff.

    And I certainly can't argue with a QB competition, although my preference going into this year would have been to see what Wentz could do with a really good team and scheme.
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      Even though Deshaun Watson lost Hopkins this year, he still has Fuller, Cooks, and Cobb. Fuller was a monster this year (he's on a contract year) and would have made the Pro Bowl if he didn't just get pinched for PEDs (which explains why he finally stayed healthy this season), We know what Wentz has.

      I'm pretty sure I joined to this site to defend McNabb. It's hard to compare these eras because wins and losses had a big X-factor: Jim Johnson. He has yet to be replaced. McNabb was good but it's hard to overlook Jim Johnson's contribution. McNabb deserved better on the offensive side. It's tragic we only got TO for just over a year. I don't want to see that again with Wentz. He also doesn't have a Jim Johnson to take off some of the pressure. He needs a little help which is understandable.

      I've mentioned this before but it's worth repeating. Look at how Wentz performed over the last two seasons without Jeffery. To be clear, this year's Jeffery is a shell of himself. He's done. Last year, Wentz had three really subpar games, Jeffery was not playing in any of those games. I don't think that's a coincidence. Wentz needs a #1 WR. That's why our cunt GM needs to go. It's one thing to miss on Metcalf but now passing on Jefferson is inexcusable. He drafted an obviously flawed receiver who hasn't shown anything (just like JJAW). To make things worse, he drafted a subpar QB in the second round?? As a result, Wentz is now getting scrutinized because he's not producing in an awful environment created by the Quarterback Factory.

      As I mentioned before, they didn't need to trade for Hopkins. It's stupid to overpay a wideout that much money. They just needed to not get cute in the draft. Howie got cute. As a result, he needs to go. They need to get a GM that knows how to evaluate talent and one that's smart enough to realize the coach needs a real offensive coordinator.
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        I should probably modify what I said about a QB competition with this:

        I was furious when they drafted Hurts, not only because there was a huge need on defense but also because of the mixed message they sent. (EDITED TO ADD: and I was already fucking pissed about passing on Jefferson)

        They get rid of Foles to give Wentz the team and then they create a possible QB controversy instead?

        I get the injury concern, but why not get him a real WR and stay with Sudfeld or sign a vet backup not named Foles?

        I wanted them to put a team around Wentz and see if he is the man ... and I still do ... but I can't really say its unfair to have him in a QB competition because if he can't beat out Hurts he's not the man.
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        Obscenity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker.