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Why was Wentz angry with Doug?

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  • Why was Wentz angry with Doug?

    Why did Wentz's relationship go downhill so quickly? What exactly happened? I still haven't seen a clear explanation, and even the speculation doesn't make much sense. The main speculation I have seen is Wentz was upset that Hurts was drafted, about the personnel (WRs) or playcalling.

    In my opinion, maybe it had to do with Hurts getting playing time for a down here and there. In recent history, this sharing time doesn't work very well or is a harbinger of a QB change. In the Eagles history, when they brought in Vick, McNabb was the starting QB, but Vick came in for a play here and there. By the next season, McNabb was gone and Vick became the starter. In Baltimore, Joe Flacco's final year also had him play a similar role as starter with Lamar Jackson coming in for a play (usually with Flacco as a decoy. Wentz was the deocy in those plays Hurts came in. The only other example I can think of is Drew Brees and Hill. But in most of these examples, the precedent seems to be that the starter is being phased out. Other than this year's Eagles, most of these examples were playoff teams.

    However, if the starter was effective, the offense wouldn't need shaking up. Maybe Wentz felt jerked around or insecure about this trajectory. For the Packers, Aaron Rogers did not share time with Jordan Love coming in for a gadget play. Wentz should have played better, period. Wentz cannot blame all of his problems on Doug or the organization.

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    Long explanation. Howie picked Hurts. It has been noted that he and Lincoln Riley are “buddies”. Add to it there was some discomfort that Wentz couldn’t make it through the season without being injured and they knew Suds was not the answer. So, with agreement from Doug, they selected Hurts. On top of that, they decided together that Wentz needs to be a pocket passer and no more roll outs to reduce possibility of Wentz doing his thing and getting injured. Wentz was coached to stay in the pocket. Problem was that Wentz is not quick enough decision maker to be a pocket passer. Rolling out simplifies things to either run or pass to the few players in front of you unless you are Mahomes, and it is arguably catching up with him. Defenses catch up with that if you can’t make quick decisions and find receivers outside of the in front of you zone. Doug knows that, Carson doesn’t. Carson has accepted his limitations and the reality that defenses are catching up.

    That’s just conjecture and my opinion. I don’t think Carson is fixable. There is the outside chance he can be fixed if he will accept coaching, plays within a system and he gets a magical play caller. Wentz and his receivers have not been on the same page.
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      In my humble opinion, the offensive line was so devastated by injuries and poor play, that Wentz was running for his life most of the time...Doug didn't do a whole lot to help him (long pass routes, no screens, bootlegs, etc) When it came time for Hurts to play, he reworked some of the play calling to help Jalen...that combined with Wentz not happy about Hurts being drafted in the first place pissed him off...granted his play did suck and warranted being benched but it's hard for me to believe that his play could fall off that drastically