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I imagine this is the how the phone call went.

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  • I imagine this is the how the phone call went.

    March 2019.

    Howie: Chip? Chip it’s Howie Roseman.

    Chump: yeah, uh, hello.

    Howie: Chip, I was hoping you could do us a favor. We are looking at the kid Arcega-Whiteside in the draft. We think he looks great on tape. I know you’ve coached against him a few times. Would you mind telling me what you think of him?

    Chump: (puts phone on mute, sniggers, then unmutes) Howie, you need to jump on that kid. You know that Metcalf who is getting all the press? The Stanford kid has all the tools Metcalf does, AND he’s NFL ready. If he falls to you, grab him!

    Howie: That’s good to hear, Chip. You know, we always appreciated your eye for college talent in Philadelphia. Good luck this fall!

    Chump: Yeah well, fu—, I mean, thank you Howie. I always respected you too. (Hangs up) asshole.