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    Checked in and was surprised to see this place is still afloat. Boy is it a beehive of activity! It’s time to shut this place down. It’s less of an idea than ANTIFA.

    I have to ask. What’s been your favorite part of the return to decency?
    Decent gas prices?
    Decent cost of goods and services?
    Decent unemployment where people would rather collect checks than go back to work?
    How about the Dixiecrat President (that supported segregated schools) still backing Fauci? That’s decent

    I can see a guy like hawk alum (who’s never come to a gayte) smirk at the pump as he pays $3.89 a gallon saying at least it’s not Trump!
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    I'm not the hill you want to die on

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    Remember when Republicans spent the last 4 years blaming everything on Obama?


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      Pretty soon someone will be wearing their orange pants backwards
      John Erlichman, one of President Richard Nixon's closest aides, has admitted America's "War on Drugs" was a hoax designed to vilify and disrupt "the antiwar left and black people" when it was launched in 1971.


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        The D in OP's handle stands for "dumbfuck."

        I wouldn't be surprised if he is in this footage somewhere:

        I do agree with him on one thing...this board is DEAD. WTF happened?
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          No eagles news. Phillies, ehhh, and the Sixers are an enigma again... what's to talk about?


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            Can someone ban this racist, piece of shit, nazi sympathizer once and for all??



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              91EaglesD, how long are you cult-followers going to whine about your fat, orange turd losing the election? It's been 7 months and the whining continues and still not a shred of evidence that the election was stolen from him. Your GOD is nothing but a narcissistic, lying, cheating CON MAN and that's what he's been his entire life. Do you have any functioning brain cells that can allow you to see that every last one of you people is a delusional, gullible dipshit?
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