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Who is worse, Hurts or Siriani?

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    Hurst will have his moments, shit Matt Flynn started a game for and injured Rodgers and looked like the next coming of Joe Montana and got a solid contract off that 1 game and was never heard of again. Every QB that plays in the NFL will show flashes, win some games and have great days but will they be the answer for even 3 years. Hurts is not that guy and I don't ever see him being that. I am sure we all knew it but we accept it because it is what we have. Sirianni looks like a bum right now but I would like to see what he is like with a solid NFL caliber QB before he is cast aside. So far, the both look like shit but Hurts will go way before coach so let's see I guess. Even Minshew made the Jags look decent and that's saying something.