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    Games are winnable. Hang on and enjoy the ride all ye of little faith. Pussys

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    Yep. Except for Daq we will be facing average and below average and mostly inexperienced QBs. None of these QBs should even come close to 80% completion. For the most part, opposing defenses are not that great either. Bottom line, Howie should be able to clearly define what needs to be addressed. Except he won’t see himself as a replacement need. And it is highly questionable if he will be able to solve the needs based on track record. If only he could find some of that 2017 magic. Seems so long ago.
    ".........there is no experience in the NFL like walking out of the tunnel at the Vet and listening to the fans get on you for three solid hours. Those people invent new ways to abuse you every year." Bill Parcels on the Eagle's fans


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      Definitely winnable. I don't feel great about it, but I'm much more interested in seeing 9-8 or even 8-9 and the playoffs than a tank. I'm also not interesting in finding a new thing to bitch about every possession.