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Anybody else think management ordered more targets for Reagor?

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  • Anybody else think management ordered more targets for Reagor?

    Because I can't think of any reason Sirianni or Hurts would have featured him.

    I don't even understand why hes returning kicks. He awful at it.
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    100%! He proved what he’s worth today.
    -Slizz of Wangnutz


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      When the fans are calling for Greg Ward, you are a bum.


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        Myths mcclane tweeted that Smith was pissed off... Wide open on the last play.. Reagor needs to go.


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          All season long the quickest way to kill any positive movement by the offense has been to get Reagor involved.
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            It's probably true since I don't think that Sirianni is actually calling the plays. I don't believe I've even seen him look at a play chart or talk into his headset on the sideline so they're probably coming from above, which explains the reluctance to run and the forcing of throws to Reagor. Most other coaches who call plays have the chart up to their face all game but all you see Nick doing is walking back and forth barely even looking at the field. How could you call plays when you're not really watching the game? This is why Chip and Doug were canned. They had success, wanted more input and Lurie said no and hired another patsy with no experience who would accept the structure.


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              Lar6767, I completely agree with you as to why Sirianni was hired. Lurie and Howie hired a coach and that coach brought in an untested staff who are just perfect for following their orders. No decent veteran coach would ever agree to that. I think Howie is a cancer but unfortunately he has Lurie convinced that he's the golden boy.