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Sirianni is only 'rookie' head coach to make the playoffs

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  • Sirianni is only 'rookie' head coach to make the playoffs

    There might be more to this guy than anyone suspected. I still think the FO had some influence in the early game plans, Howie and Lurie had to be desperate to get their young WRs involved, trouble was, half of them can't play for shit. Watkins and Smith made plays, but if they don't dump JJ and Reagor after their pitiful seasons, then Howie still doesn't get it. I don't care how high you picked them, cut them loose. In fact, I would deactivate Reagor this week and give Huntley the roster spot. Take Hurts advice Howie, flush them...
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    I think this is mostly evidence of what a destructive force Wentz was. The Eagles should never have been a four win team last season.
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