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  • Davis plus Dean > either separately

    Oddly coincidental how they picked up two key players from one of the best Ds in college football for a long time. Not only that, but Davis was a big reason that Neal was so effective, he clogged up the middle of OLines making it easier for Neal to roam and attack. I wonder where those 'rumors' about Neal came from, and I doubt anyone from the Iggs did anything to discount them. Not saying that they started them, but it did create two things, allowing hm to land in or lap, while getting a player who will definitely have a chip on his shoulder after dropping so far. I am looking forward to seeing these kids play, our D looks much better today than it did a few days ago. Yeah we still have holes on the back end, but I suspect Howie will address those positions too, maybe not the best it could be, but you can't fix a D that had so many holes in one off season. Looks like they are finally looking to build the whole roster, and if Hurts doesn't step up his game this year, you have a stronger roster for whatever QB you bring in next year.
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    I'm absolutely thrilled...still can't believe Howie pulled it off. The only thing which pissed me off was knowing he wouldn't have had to use draft capital to snag an established stud WR if he had simply picked JJ in the first place...could've used it to address the holes in the secondary. Overall, Howie has kicked ass this off-season and draft. Gotta give him props when he delivers.


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      Might signal a change in the defensive approach. He and Cox are certainly capable of keeping OL off of the linebackers to allow them the freedom to roam and make plays.
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