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? for parking at monday nite opener

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  • ? for parking at monday nite opener

    Parking at Roosevelt Park Monday Nite, do they kick everybody out at say midnite or whenever?
    What happens if you leave the game, go to your car in Roosevelt Park, and fall asleep?

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    Have a bunch of needles laying around in your car and you should be just fine. Really weird ass question. Try booking a hotel.
    I'm not the hill you want to die on


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      Stay at The Zubus Campground. We sit around the campfire cook Smores, talk eagles history, drink, sing john denver, Neil diamond, mama and papas songs.. Even jump in the water and go skinny dipping..t's a gay-ole-time..


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        Funny, if I was asked who here would ask a question about sleeping in his car in the parking lot after the game, I’d have guessed you.


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          Since I've been retired now 6 years, I have a hard time staying up past 10. So, I was figuring on
          staying at the Microtell Inn at the airport, after going to the Tailgate, and going to the Eagles game in DC
          the next Sunday. We'll see, and what Craig says. It's been awhile since I've been to an Eagles game.
          And I believe in Jalon Hurts.
          And I see you are getting close to Retirement - I highly recommend it, and wish you the best.
          GO EAGLES!


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            Thank you. Still a few years off, God willing. I don’t want to die with my boots on.