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Gomer sure learned a lot from Frank Lombardi

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  • Gomer sure learned a lot from Frank Lombardi

    Having a Super Bowl-winning OC for his mentor really helped him.

    On the other hand, it's funny how Gomer's mere presence causes Reich not to commit to the run.

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    The Colts have a serious problem playing in Jacksonville. Weird.
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      Hopefully the "Frank Lombardi was the real reason for the SB" charade is coming to an end. Reich is a good coach, but he's never sniffed Doug's level of success on his own. Doug got more out of Wentz than any coach is likely to going forward. That SB was Howie finally putting the right pieces in place, a fantastic HC in Doug and a magical run by BDN. Seems to have had less and less to do with Reich as time goes by...
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        Bwah! Has not been a great year for the "Fire Gomer/Wentz and/or Reich were the real reason for the Super Bowl" crowd.