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One bright spot...Hurts

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  • One bright spot...Hurts

    Yeah, he made 1 big mistake, but otherwise the kid balled out for the whole game. And that mistake will haunt him, but given what I have seen from him, it will only enhance his resolve. I think he is just getting started and will eventually win us another SB. I could care less if Gannon and Steichen leave, they already extended Stoutland, and he is the most important O coach we have. We have a solid core with Brown, Smith, and Goedert and at least 80% of our Oline (but not so sure we even lose Kelce yet). I am pretty sure Howie is gonna field another solid roster next year, so I am optimistic that we can have another winning season next year, I've been watching them since the 70's, so I have seen enough of the misery to know we have a bright future. If the D could have made one or two stops in the second half we would have won, and we still only lost by a last second FG. I'm already over it and looking forward to next season, as I have found dwelling on the past is a waste of time.
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    He was great yesterday. One big mistake but 35 points should be plenty to win a Super Bowl. Most points ever by an SB loser, surpassing New England in SB 52.

    I'm trying to avoid falling into the trap of stanning for a QB. I see it in every city. The team loses, but people talk about how great "their QB" played while blaming everything bad on someone else. Meanwhile they downplay rival QBs by saying they "only" played well because of the team, as if that weren't the entire point. I certainly don't want to go down the McNabb or even Wentz road again where fans have to be pro or anti Eagles starting QB.

    I saw Graham said "we'll be back next year." I don't really like that kind of talk just because so many things have to happen for a team to reach the SB. But I will say that it looks like there will only be 2-3 teams in the NFC once again next year. Much easier road than the AFC.
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      Hurts deserved to be the 2nd player to win SB MVP form a losing team. 300+ years, SB record rushing yard by a QB, SB record rushing TDS by a QB, tied for most rushing TDs in a SB with only Terell Davis and only QB to ever this for a TD and rush for 2. What more does a person have to do to win.