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IRISH GEORGE's daughter here!

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  • IRISH GEORGE's daughter here!

    I'm astonished I was able to get back into this account my dad and I made in 2004 to troll Diggle lol.

    Apologies for making a brand new post but I can't bring myself to read the RIP IG post.

    My papa was my absolute best friend and this community was a huge part of his world.
    I grew up with Igglephans. He started chatting on the board before we even had a computer in our home.
    I remember going to the public library with him and spending hours looking at books while he chatted away on this site.

    Igglephans is and always will be a massive part of my life, especially after how many people from the board came to my daddy's celebration of life. Y'all even TAILGATED! You helped me give him the exact sendoff he would have wanted.

    He took me to preseason games as a youngin, but last year and the year prior were the first "real" Eagles games I attended. We got to go on the field and hold the flags, we went to the 2008 Phillies parade and were in the stands for the famous "world f'ing champions, AND we were together for the Eagles parade.

    My daddy got to witness an Eagles Super Bowl win. I will forever be grateful he saw his dream come true.

    I never cared about sports, but my dad taught me to be a die-hard Philadelphia fan. That never left me. I even moved here and have been here for 7 years. I remember when Joey Vento passed, (I know how to order a cheesesteak there,) I remember tailgating with some of you guys when I was young, and stopping at the seafood market so my dad could heat up scallops and dump beer on them. I remember the Jackass Crew. I remember Dad coming home late countless nights over the years, still bundled up from a freezing cold game. He would immediately come give me a kiss and I could smell both the beer and the city itself on him. He would either be happy if they won or grumpy if they lost, but he never fell short on those post-game goodnight kisses and hugs.

    My daddy tried so hard to teach me the rules of football over the years and I tried desperately to learn, but I just could never grasp it.
    As soon as he passed on 11/7/22, something changed. I was finding myself comprehending and laser-focusing on the games.
    I actually get sad when games end, now. I used to dread even hearing an announcer. I wish I had this change while my dad was still here, but part of me sees my newfound interest as a way to keep his legacy alive.

    So with all this said,
    I had to make an appearance and thank you all for being a true family to my dad. Thank you for everything. He loved you all and would have done anything for most of you.
    I will try to stay semi-active on here. I want so badly to continue to spread his light, his sense of humor, and his quick-witted intelligence. He gave me a decent amount of those qualities.

    Iggly Wiggly is back!! (and comprehends football JUST ENOUGH to put my 2 cents in periodically. I think I'll get better as time goes on, too.) LOL

    Love you all so much.
    -Devon AKA Iggly Wiggly
    i <3 the iggles, therefore i am.

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    well welcome back to the board,,, a lot has changed,,it ebbs N flows that's for sure,,your Dads eloquent input has been missed for some time now...Hope you find some good info or a good convo when your looking for one....Best wishes Trent
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      Awesome post and always remember: Wangnutz suck!
      John Erlichman, one of President Richard Nixon's closest aides, has admitted America's "War on Drugs" was a hoax designed to vilify and disrupt "the antiwar left and black people" when it was launched in 1971.


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        What a great post!! Your dad helped me through a very difficult part of my life and I will always be grateful...Friday is St. Patricks Day...for sure will lift one in his honor!


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          This is a wonderful post and thanks for sharing your memories.

          I have to say it … there’s definitely an IG vibe in this post! You should certainly post from time to time!


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            Hi Dev. It's Zoli. I just finished your dad's book. Picked up a used copy on Amazon and it was signed to some rando. LOL I forgot his name now. Anyway, it really is so much more than a history of Red Klotz. It's the history of basketball and Red's part in that. It took me back to my younger days when basketball wasn't the big thing it is now. It also brought me close to your dad in a spiritual way. I miss him. We all do. Reach out to me anytime with football rules related questions. Unfortunately, you will find that The Game and its outcome are determined by those guys in the black and white costumes that throw the little yellow rags all over the place. Love always, Z


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              Wow. Great to see you here.