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    Originally posted by art vandelay View Post

    Hargrave is a big loss. I'm not worried about the guys who were street free agents. They could target DT in the draft but they're still very strong at DE.

    What I don't know about is Bradberry as Maxwell 2.0. He was great last year. Maybe his job will be harder in 2023 but we've seen him play as an Eagle, which Maxwell never did.

    Edwards was good but the Eagles obviously think he plays a position that's easy to replace. I'm not worried about losing White at all.
    Bradberry and Slay looked so much better than they were bc of the pressure up front. In games where the QB was getting the ball off quick and there wasn't as much pressure both sucked shit and wre getting burnt.

    I would have rather spent that money on CJGJ, drafted one of the stud CB at 10 and maybe keep one of the 2 or find another CB. Ayiuk said it the secondary wasn't that good and he wasn't wrong. They never really played a stud QB and when they did they lost a SB bc they couldn't stop 5 years olds.

    I'd say they got pretty exposed lucky they had that offense that were smoking teams in the playoffs. Unfortunately they came 1 or 2 plays short of bailing out the D in the SB.

    Just my take and ya probably gonna get killed for it but Slay has regressed and Bradberry isn't that impressive. Hope I'm wrong obviously but