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I had an interview with Martin Marietta one time.

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  • I had an interview with Martin Marietta one time.

    I think they built the external tank that got damaged by the solid fuel boosters and subsequently blew up on the Space Shuttle. Wasn't their fault. I think they are part of Lockheed Martin now.

    I like the MM signing. He's a great choice for a backup to Hurts IMO. Wasn't he the guy who Chump Kelly wanted to trade up for to draft?
    "We choose to go to the moon."

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    That's interesting because when I was at the RCA Microelectronics Center back in the 80's we were making IC's for the Space Shuttle. I was primarily operating a scanning electron microscope in the wafer fab. A carrier of wafers would come through and I would take images of features on the wafer for QC. I started doing many different processes on those space shuttle chips: plasma deposition, plasma etch, photolithography, all kinds of sh*t.

    I like the MM signing too. I look at these backups as not just an insurance policy if something happens to Hurts. The backup gives you quality reps in practice and helps bring the younger players along.