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Eagles are trying to trademark the term "Kelly Green"

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  • Eagles are trying to trademark the term "Kelly Green"

    Restrict fan clubs from using the phrase?!? What about restricting the GREAT KELLY GREEN from using the phrase as his name? His usage predated this trademark application by decades. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.

    But the application, which was first reported by trademark attorney Josh Gerben, intends to cover much more than that. While the Eagles are not looking to trademark the actual color — and they previously filed for a trademark on the old-school eagle logo that appears on their kelly green jerseys and related merchandise — they are looking to basically prohibit anyone from using that phrase in relation to anything involving football or other sporting exhibitions.

    The team also included lines in the filing that would restrict the use of the phrase on “cable, satellite, television and radio” and in the “production of radio and television programs” as well as live shows. It even goes so far as to restrict fan clubs from using the phrase.
    The Birds recently applied for a trademark on the phrase "Brotherly Shove." Now they want to own the phrase "kelly green" as well.
    "We choose to go to the moon."

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    Funny, I don't remember them restricting the phrase "*&@#$%!* green" when they switched to it in the 90's