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    Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
    i was surprised to see how high attendance was in 07 and 08 compared to now. granted we had an exciting core in place then, but playoffs were by no means a guarantee at any point during either of those seasons.

    obviously the stadium was filled with frontrunners 2009-2012, but it's weird that attendance is so much lower now even compared to 05-06. maybe the sixers took up some fans' non-eagles budgets this year. sixers games are kind of turning into what phillies games were for a few years.

    most people also spent more on the eagles this year than they had in a long time, which is probably what you mean by championship hangover. but i'm with you, this team has exceeded expectations. watching them compete for a WC seems like a great way to follow up the SB. part of the victory lap in a way.

    in other news, the yankees have a lot of fans when they're 50-25. shocker.
    The 2005 and 2006 teams were way more exciting, they had 3 legit superstars playing every night. Plus, CBP was still new. Pace of play in recent years has probably contributed.

    If they sign Machado and another big name FA the numbers will go up next year.