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RIP Bob Epstein

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  • RIP Bob Epstein

    Ellsworth’s thread got overbrooked. Marty/Super Dave deserves a thread of his own.

    Ellsworth posted this, but watch Seinfeld. Apparently he had not heard this joke before taping. Marty slays him.

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    Watched a clip of him on Letterman last night. Comes out with gifts for Dave, Paul and the producer. Says they are all from a store where everything was owned by a former President.

    Letterman opens his - it's a letter from Churchill to Roosevelt. Pretty cool.

    Paul opens his and it's a slinky. Letterman asks if it belonged to Dan Quayle and everyone laughs but Super Dave gets really serious and goes on this thing for a minute about how he understands that Quayle puts his foot in his mouth but that as Americans we need to do a better job of respecting the office, etc. Very serious.

    Finally producer opens his gift and it's a jack-in-the-box.
    Letterman: Ok, so what's that?
    Super Dave: That was Dan Quayle's.

    I was dying.
    "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay


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      he was awesome on Curb. the episode where he won't let LD sit in his deceased father's seat at the Dodger game was an all timer.

      that dude was an improv king and will be sorely missed.

      He did some amazing work on the dan lebatard show too. he actually QUIT coming on over a year ago because he said the show was cursed and everybody who came on it regularly ended up dying. Oh the irony.

      here's his Gronk take:

      Bigotry Joke:

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