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  • bubble guys/final 53 thoughts

    Ward vs Hollins -- i think Ward deserves it more. he can play slot and has shown a ton in the preseason. Hollins is a ST ace but I don't trust him to stay healthy. Ward should get the last WR spot.

    Sweat vs Hall vs Miller. i think 2 make it and think Sweat may be odd man out. I like Hall the best of the 3 based off the impact he's made. He's a lock IMO. Sweat just doesn't impress me in any facet of the game. He's just a guy out there. Miller wins out b/c he's a rookie and more recent investment, although both cost the same. Have control of Miller for 1 more year.

    TJ Edwards should get a spot. You need dudes like him. He always seems to be around the ball and has a tremendous feel/'football IQ'. his shitty 40 time was a blessing for 'us' (them). HIGHLY doubt he would clear waivers and make it back to the PS so no way I'd expose him.

    Herbrig or Pryor -- Herbrig seems like a better OL overall. I'd give him the nod over Pryor who just has never really done anything to wow me, frankly. Pryor seems to gentle. For his size you'd think he would dominate and he just doesn't ever seem to do much of anything while out there.
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    I think one of Sweat, Hall and Miller gets the ole Phantom IR. Probably same with Pryor. herbrig's might take Wiz's job.


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      I agree with you on Ward, I really think he could be a good possession receiver. I could see them keeping 6 WRs or 5 RBs, too.

      This is going to be one of the more interesting cut down days in years.


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        Originally posted by JuTMSY4 View Post
        I think one of Sweat, Hall and Miller gets the ole Phantom IR. Probably same with Pryor. herbrig's might take Wiz's job.
        Sweat is the classic "Looks like Tarzan, Plays like Jane" player. He hasnt shown anything since he got here and I think they were counting on him to step up this season.

        I know it wont happen, but Id honestly be down with taking a flyer on Clowney if the price was right. Theres no depth behind Barnett if something unfortunate were to happen to him again.


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          a flyer on Clowney if the price was right
          Price is steep, but it is cut down by the fact that you "can't" resign Clowney w/o letting him FA first. I think Howie is biding his time.


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            I want Edwards and Ward on the final 53. and, to still be here on Tuesday when it matters (pay day)


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              I like all your points. One thing is we are a little thin at DE behind BG and DB. If you could pull a trade for Clowney and it costs Aggs I would do it.

              Not saying Ward and Hollins are better or could replace Aggs but for 1 year, if that's all we get Clowney for, he would be more valuable to this team. With Djax, JJaw, 17 and our 2 TE's Ward and Hollins can easily be kept on the 53 and it can't go without saying the contribution Hollins adds to special teams.

              Let's face it, Aggs is gone next year anyways so why not swap players for a year and address a position of more need this year.