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any Foreskinners outraged by the R-word?

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    Originally posted by PackWest View Post
    Our property here in San Diego was first developed in the 1920s and the Deed says "it may never be sold to a Non-Caucasian"

    Rather than going to the trouble of spelling out which races are verboten, they simply said Caucasians are the only ones worthy.
    And yes, the area was settled by EU xenophobes from England and Germany.

    Its startling when you see it in print on the Deed and realize that 1920 wasn't really that long ago. Many of those folks are "still around" in terms of what they taught their children.

    "We're the chosen ones, all the others suck"
    There are even more recent examples than that. When the Levitts built suburban communities for returning WW2 vets on Long Island, they only sold to whites and required new owners to sign a contract agreeing to never sell to non-whites.

    This type of stuff still goes on regularly today, albeit without the paper trail. When in college, I did a research paper on housing discrimination on Long Island, and the statistics were pretty alarming.

    IMO Donald Sterling's role in perpetuating housing discrimination is the greater atrocity than anything he was recorded saying. I was hoping the media would use it as a springboard to investigate this common practice that never gets any press. Instead we made a big show of punishing him and went back to feeling pretty good about American equality. Opportunity missed to shed some light on some pretty screwed up practices in the real estate business.