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    The OL is good enough for us but we stuffed up getting rid of Bradford and not taking Elliot at RB.

    Gimme Elliot and Bradford over Wentz and 2 hacks ( who cannot catch either) any day that cannot even burst through a hole when the OL opens it.

    Not taking Elliot will haunt us for years and taking QB's with high draft picks is to hit and miss when they hit the big stage.

    Our drafting strategy is going to set us back another 5 yrs and Wentz is seriously not that good.


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      I agree with a lot of you. OL doesn't appear as bad as it did this time last year.

      We have bigger problems.

      I actually think our biggest problem is on D. DB Can't cover and some teams are running all over us.

      I'm thinking that a Stud DE or DT would help the rush. We have no rush.

      Out of the two of them, I'd prefer to draft a DT. A stud DT frees up Fletcher and provides help in both run and pass defense. I just don't think Bennie is really the answer next to Cox.

      Draft a DT (remember how Jerome Brown changed everything?)