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Let's speculate there is no season this year

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    I don't see there being football with fans in the stands this year until at least October or November.
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      Originally posted by RSE View Post

      For the NFL, I’m thinking:

      All preseason training in Florida, Texas or Southern California

      No fans at preseason games, or
      Start camp two weeks later, two preseason games, no fans

      Open the stadiums for the regular season.
      I think you’re right about training camp and the preseason, but I think the start of regular season will at least he delayed, and probably involve empty stadiums.

      I think a best case scenario for this fall is hybrid classes that minimize trips to campus and the number of students in one classroom. A college football season, much less with fans in attendance, doesn’t seem to jibe with that.

      This will cause quite the headache for the 2021 draft process.
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        I've read 2022 before a vaccine is available. And that's if we're lucky.

        There will be no return to any form of "normal" until one is readily available like a flu shot.

        In Texas, schools are officially closed for the rest of the year.

        Chances are high that there will be no football or organized sports of any kind for 2020. It sucks, but I'd rather be alive to enjoy 2021, personally.


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          There will be an NFL season even if they have to play in empty stadiums. Too much TV money at stake.
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            I'd be surprised to see anybody in the stands of a professional sport before November. The only way that happens after that is if the virus has disappeared or treatment and vaccines have made it a moot point


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              Originally posted by Prowler View Post

              I work at a major SEC university, and I can tell you that behind the scenes we are preparing for the probability that fall semester classes will remain online. It is likely that social distancing will remain a necessity. Traditional lecture halls, dining halls and residence halls simply won't be possible. I don't see much chance of fall/winter football in 2020. There is talk of a delayed spring football season that might run February to May, which also would necessitate delaying the NFL draft. Believe me, we all want this shit storm to be over, but "normal" is a bit further away than you may think.
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              EDIT: and then I found this link:

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                Barring a complete meltdown this fall. Im completely sure the NFL will play - most likely in small venues with limited fans. Also I expect high-tech gimmicks. Players and coaches on Zoom in real time or something like that.

                Just too much money at stake not to play.
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