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Don’t discount Mel Kiper going all in on his reputation.

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    Originally posted by RSE View Post
    Howlo was made to look like a chump by Wentz and his agent. You can be sure the Haberdasher would have made Wentz stay in Philadelphia.
    Wentz wouldn't have had the stomach to hold out. He would have looked like a real jerk if he did after the Eagles changed their entire coaching staff for him. Howie folded.
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      Lol @ anyone judging this trade at the moment. There is a distinct liklihood that Carson will suck ass in Indy.

      Also, lol @ anyone who lends credence to the opinions of talking heads. They get paid to make bold, sometimes outright ridiculous, statements in an effort to drive up clicks and ratings.
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        If helmethead had a clue he would have gotten his dream job years ago: NFL GM

        Mayock got that job because he’s well respected throughout the league and Chucky knew that he needed help. Time will tell whether Mike is successful or not. Kiper will never get the chance because the league knows that he’s clueless and would likely spend his first day on the job getting pantsed by the scouts.
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